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The Bishopbriggs town centre consultation from Rona Mackay MSP and Amy Callaghan MP continues to gather momentum as the politicians delivered copies across the region to constituents in Bishopbriggs. The consultation, which is due to run throughout the summer, is seeking residents views on the regeneration of Bishopbriggs town centre with key points on parking, hospitality, accessibility and open spaces. As part of the regeneration of the town centre, the MSP and MP will formulate the responses of the survey into a town centre action plan, collating the views of residents, business owners, stakeholder and community groups in revitalising the town. Commenting, Rona Mackay MSP said:

“Our consultation is gathering pace with a clear desire from residents to make a lasting change to Bishopbriggs town centre. Alongside Amy, I was delighted to get out and about Bishopbriggs, delivering our consultation and chatting to residents about our local area. “During my recent Scottish Parliament re-election campaign, I promised to put our high streets first and I’m pleased to have brought this consultation before my constituents to gather their views about their town centre. “We’ve had an outstanding response rate from people across Bishopbriggs making clear their views of the town centre and what they want to see in the future.

Commenting, Amy Callaghan MP said:

“The joint consultation from Rona and I will form the basis of a new report seeking to regenerate the town. This will be the voices of our community leading the charge in seeking to build a sustainable, refreshed future for the town centre. “It was great to deliver our consultation around Bishopbriggs ensuring as wide a voice as possible is heard within our report. “As we progress through the summer, both Rona and I will be holding further meetings regarding the consultation, speaking to as many stakeholders as possible to ensure a thriving, representative town regenerated with the voices of our constituents. END

Notes to Editors: The online consultation can be viewed here: Initial launch of consultation can be viewed here:

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