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Douglas Ross’s position as Scottish Tory leader is now ‘untenable’ after a humiliating u-turn on the future of the Prime Minister, the SNP has said.

It comes after Douglas Ross embarrassingly withdrew his letter to the 1922 committee urging Boris Johnson to resign, not even two months after he submitted it over the partygate scandal.

Plus, he has confirmed he will welcome Boris Johnson to the Scottish Tory party conference later this month, despite calling for his resignation.

The Moray MP has also tarnished the reputation of his Holyrood colleagues after they all filed in behind him to call for the resignation of the Prime Minister.

Commenting, SNP MSP Rona Mackay said:

“Douglas Ross’s position as Scottish Tory leader is completely untenable, not only has he lead the country on a wild ride, but he has also marched his Holyrood colleagues up the hill and left them high and dry as he withdraws his letter weeks after submitting it.

“No one, not even his own party, can believe a word he says now as he has shredded any integrity he had left by performing this screeching u-turn. He should resign immediately as the party leader before he embarrasses himself anymore.

“Not only that but Douglas Ross will soon welcome Boris Johnson with open arms to the Scottish Tory conference later this month.

“Boris Johnson is unfit for office on the domestic and international stage and it will take more than Scottish Tories changing their mind with whatever way the wind blows for the people of Scotland to realise that.

“The bottom line is while ordinary people sacrificed so much through the pandemic, Boris Johnson and his Tory party held boozy drinks in Downing Street and the people of Scotland will remember that when they go to the ballot box on May 5th.”

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