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Official figures reveal that council taxpayers in East Dunbartonshire pay on average £618 a year less than they would in Tory-run England and £429 less than in Labour-run Wales.

Across Scotland, council taxpayers get the best deal in Britain. The figures also demonstrate that the savings for Scottish council taxpayers in comparison to what those in England and Wales will pay is going to be even greater next year.

  • The research shows that Band D council taxpayers in East Dunbartonshire pay £1348, which is £618 less than the equivalent in England and £429 less than in Wales.

  • Council tax across Scotland is lower than in England – for 2022/23, the average Band D Council Tax bill in Scotland is £1347 compared to £1966 in England and £1777 in Wales.

  • For 2022/23, the average charge for all property bands, including E, F, G and H, is between £413 and £651 lower in Scotland than England.

  • The average council tax increase in Scotland for 2022/23 was 3.0%, compared with 3.5% in England and 2.7% in Wales.

Commenting, SNP MSP Rona Mackay said: “Council taxpayers in Strathkelvin and Bearsden and across East Dunbartonshire are paying £618 less than they would in England. In fact, council taxpayers across Scotland get the best deal in Britain.

“On top of the £150 council tax rebate announced last month by Finance Secretary Kate Forbes, this demonstrates that the Scottish Government is doing all it can within its restricted powers and resources to keep as much money as possible in the pockets of Scottish families.

“Tax bills are so substantially lower because the SNP has such a strong record of delivering the best value. For an entire decade the SNP Scottish Government froze the cost of council tax - despite Westminster continuing to slash the Scottish budget.

“The SNP Scottish Government is also rolling out a social security system based on fairness and respect. It has introduced the ‘game-changing’ Scottish Child Payment - which will deliver £25 per week per child for the lowest income families in East Dunbartonshire – and we are increasing a range of Scottish social security benefits by six per cent.

“It is a glaring contrast with the Westminster Tory Government which, far from protecting hard-pressed families from the spiralling Tory cost of living crisis, it callously cut vital Universal Credit support by £20 a week for the poorest families.

"This is a real tale of two Governments and the people of Scotland will have the opportunity to send a message to Boris Johnson by rejecting the Tories in the local elections on May 5."

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