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East Dunbartonshire set for funding boost after SNP budget revision

East Dunbartonshire will receive an extra £3.3 million funding under the revised budget proposals unveiled by Finance Secretary Derek Mackay.

The budget boost comes as the Scottish Government confirmed that all local authorities will receive an above inflation increase in resource funding.

East Dunbartonshire will be funded to the tune of £182 million in the Scottish budget when it passes through parliament.

Every local authority in Scotland is receiving a boost, with neighbouring West Dunbartonshire receiving an additional £2.8 million.

The SNP budget will give Scots the best deal in the UK – with investment in public services and a tax cut for lower earners.

Under the progressive tax reforms 70 per cent of taxpayers will pay less than last year, while higher earners will face a modest increase.

These tax changes will allow the Scottish Government to increase health spending by £400 million to £13.6 billion, lift the public sector pay cap and provide a package of investment in the economy.

Rona Mackay, MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden, said: “I am delighted that East Dunbartonshire will be receiving extra funding as a result of consensus with opposition in the Scottish Parliament – our vision for a fairer and stronger Scotland is a little more complete.

“On the whole, the budget is a great deal for the people of Scotland as it puts money into tackling poverty and deprivation and also secures vital funds for frontline services.

“Our progressive tax plans among other measures by finance secretary Derek Mackay will pay for some of the years of damage UK Tory government austerity has done to our services and communities.

“The budget shows that where we have the powers, the SNP will make Scotland a fairer and more prosperous place to live for everyone, especially those communities enduring poverty. I am looking forward to seeing it pass through Holyrood and come into effect.”


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