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Help us build a fairer Scotland

Since 2007, the SNP Government has been working to raise the quality of life for everyone in Scotland, to bridge the poverty gap.

Westminster’s vicious austerity agenda penalises the poorest and most vulnerable in society. But despite unprecedented cuts to Scotland’s budget, the Scottish Government has lessened the effects of the Tory welfare cuts by more than £300million.

Just think what this money could do for Scotland – more jobs, schools, nurses, police, child care and better pension care.

Why should anyone live in poverty in a country as wealthy as Scotland?

Tories expect us to accept zero house contracts; food banks; welfare benefit sanctions; in-work poverty and for some the choice between heating or eating.

The Labour Party are pre-occupied with their own internal Party struggles. They cannot provide any effective opposition and are a lost party with no prospect of finding their Socialist roots any time soon.

A vote for Rona Mackay in Strathkelvin and Bearsden on May 5 with strengthen the SNP’s argument to fain full control over our nation’s finances in order to narrow the equality gap and build a fairer Scotland.

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