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Local MSP Rona Mackay concerned on fate of historic Huntershill House

The Herald reported that many residents are angry that the former home of the Father of Scottish Democracy Thomas Muir had been ‘left to rot’. Huntershill was sold by East Dunbartonshire Council some years ago after planning permission was granted to turn the 250-year-old house into a care home, but that permission has expired.

Ms Mackay said:

“I am extremely concerned about the fate of this home. I don’t believe it should ever have been sold for development in the first place. An iconic home of this status should have been preserved for future generations to learn about this most important figure in Scottish history.

“It’s imperative that the council protect this building and do not allow it to crumble and die. This would be an insult to the legacy of Thomas Muir and to the people of East Dunbartonshire who are proud of this local hero.

“I understand that the council no longer own this building, but I ask them to put pressure on those who bought it to bring forward their plans urgently. It is their responsibility to the people of East Dunbartonshire to give assurances that the decay of this building will be put right and to look for the process to do that.”


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