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Low income mums to benefit from new SNP government grant

Mums in Strathkelvin and Bearsden on low incomes can expect increased financial help from the SNP Government.

MSP Rona Mackay has welcomed in the use of new Maternity and Early Years Allowances powers to create a new grant starting in 2019.

The Best Start Grant will provide financial assistance to new low income mums, including: £600 for their first child, £300 for second and subsequent children, £250 when child starts nursery and £250 when child starts school.

The policy announcement coincides with the registration of the baby box opening for mums-to-be expecting on or after August 15. Mums-to-be can order via their next midwife appointment.

Ms Mackay said:

“Many children are born into circumstances entirely beyond their control, and this can have a severe impact on their life chances. It is a huge problem, and where past governments have failed, the SNP is determined to seriously combat the issue.

“The Baby Box and Best Start Grant are two measures designed to give every child in Scotland a healthy start to life. They are emblematic of the approach the SNP is taking to tackle child poverty and deprivation across Scotland.”


Press release from Rona Mackay MSP by Alan Ferguson (07342 06722)

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