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MSP and MP seek public input in consultation over future of town centre

The regeneration of Bishopbriggs Town Centre has been given major parliamentary backing as both Rona Mackay MSP and Amy Callaghan MP launch their public consultation over the future of the town.

The consultation, which will form part of a wider report from the East Dunbartonshire representatives, is seeking the input of those across Bishopbriggs to make their voices heard in regenerating the town. Following discussions with local community groups and constituents, the politicians have acted upon residents’ concerns over the future of the town centre, seeking to revitalise the local economy and the surroundings areas after the impact of COVID-19. The consultation, which is available both online and being posted to some residents throughout the area, is set to run until the end of summer, seeking as much input as possible from residents, business owners or stakeholders in rejuvenating Bishopbriggs. Throughout the summer, both Ms Mackay and Ms Callaghan will be touring the constituency delivering the consultation to constituents, commuters, businesses, residents and community organisations. Commenting, Rona Mackay MSP said: “During the campaign, I pledged to ensure that our residents, businesses, shop-owners and wonderful community organisations had their voices heard. Today, our joint consultation on the future of Bishopbriggs town centre delivers just that.

“As we emerge from COVID-19, we have an ideal opportunity to revitalise our town centres for the needs of local people. We are seeking your input in making that happen. From parking to infrastructure, business needs to open spaces, our consultation is seeking as much collaboration as possible to make sure the next steps for our town have your ideas at their heart.” “This information will be the basis of a wider report from Amy and I, available to all, ensuring the needs and wants of our constituents are clear to see. We stand ready to work with anyone across local or national governments to ensure our high streets, our environment and our town centre are fit for purpose as we emerge from the pandemic.

Commenting, Amy Callaghan MP said: “This report is a first for East Dunbartonshire, harnessing the powers of both UK and Scottish Parliaments to deliver for our constituents. “Both Rona and I are seeking as much public input as possible, ensuring those who make decisions on the future of our town centre hear the voices of its people first and foremost. “This consultation will be open to all who use our town – resident, community groups, business owners and shoppers – to make sure the future of our town is built and supported with you at its core. “I promised to be a local, accountable MP, putting the needs of my constituents first and foremost. With your help, this consultation will deliver on that promise, collating and representing your voices for our town centre.


Notes to Editors:

You can participate in the survey through these links:

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