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Local MSP Rona Mackay has sought clarification on what the proposed transfer of Aviva’s Bishopbriggs office to a site in Lanarkshire would mean to the local company’s hundreds of employees.

When news of Aviva’s proposed departure from Bishopbriggs next June broke on Wednesday, Ms Mackay asked for an urgent meeting with the company to ask if there would compulsory redundancies and how employee negotiations were being carried out.

During the meeting Head of Claims Robert Lee stressed that there would be no job losses as a result of the move next year. He confirmed that formal consultations had been held with the trade union Unite and Your Forum, Aviva’s internal employee representative group, and that this active engagement would continue.

Ms Mackay also questioned whether support would be offered to employees who may face issues commuting to the premises at Eurocentral in Lanarkshire. She was told that they are actively exploring travel solutions for employees and are working with a travel consultant.

All employees would have a one-to-one interview next month to discuss their individual arrangements and every effort would be made to incorporate employee flexibility into their strategic planning.

Ms Mackay said: “The loss of Aviva from Bishopbriggs will be a terrible blow to the local community and economy. The news of this closure is particularly acute during the terrible times many people have experienced this year during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“However, I have been given strong and clear assurance that jobs will be protected as the premises are combined, and that employees will be supported in their need to travel to the offices in Lanarkshire.

“I’m pleased the company have committed to communicate actively with their employees and representative trade unions and I will continue to press for updates on discussions from the company.”


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