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MSP encourages constituents to consult on public investment bank plans

MSP Rona Mackay is urging constituents to take part in a public consultation on a Scottish National Investment Bank.

The establishment of a national investment bank was a key measure announced in the Programme for Government in September.

Launched on Friday October 20, views are now being sought in the consultation on how best the Bank can meet its objective of supporting the Scottish economy.

Ms Mackay said: “Allowing the public to influence policies and legislation is a hallmark of our democracy. I hope as many constituents as possible can engage with this massive undertaking of setting up a public-owned investment bank.

“The fine details are still to be considered, and to do this we have the crème of Scotland’s financial sector, including Tesco Bank CEO Benny Higgins to head up efforts.

“The new Scottish Investment Bank will help bring about economic growth that benefits everyone, by supporting both private and public sector projects.

“The truth is, radical action is needed to tackle inequalities in Scotland, and this Bank is part of a wider effort to secure inclusive growth and prosperity for the people of Scotland.”



Link to consultation:


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