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Leading health charities ASH Scotland and Asthma + Lung UK Scotland have praised local MSP Rona Mackay for highlighting concerns over the dangers to young people of vaping during a debate in Holyrood on Tuesday, January 31.

Ms Mackay, SNP MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden has joined both charities in calling on the Scottish Government to act swiftly to reduce the visibility of e-cigarettes in supermarkets and shops.

Sheila Duffy, Chief Executive of ASH Scotland, said: “Most vapes include highly addictive nicotine and toxic e-liquids not safety tested. We thank Rona Mackay MSP for highlighting the upsurge in vaping by young people, driven by the popularity of cheap sweet-flavoured, brightly coloured disposable vapes.

Joseph Carter, Head of Asthma + Lung UK Scotland added: “As highlighted by Rona Mackay MSP, e-cigarettes, although a helpful way for many to give up smoking, are not risk free. More research is needed on how long-term vaping can affect the lungs.”

Rona Mackay MSP likened the youth vaping problem to the aggressive marketing of alcopops in the 1990s and said: “There has been an alarming rise in the number of children taking up the habit. Some as young as seven have been found with vapes at school.

“Fruit-flavoured vapes in bright, so-called ‘cool’ packaging designed to get youngsters hooked. Does that remind you of anything? Alcopops perhaps?”

She added: “Doctors have warned of the long-term damage to developing lungs. I was shocked to discover low-priced hoodies, online backpacks, watches and pens designed to help youths to vape undetected by parents or teachers.”

ASH Scotland wants teachers, parents or carers to share anecdotal details by emailing:

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