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MSP Rona Mackay: Bank closure will affect elderly, disabled and vulnerable

THE UPCOMING closure of the RBS branch in Bishopbriggs will leave some without vital banking services in their community, MSP Rona Mackay has said.

RBS Bishopbriggs is set to be shut down as the bank announced a raft of closures across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Ms Mackay has highlighted the needs of constituents who do not have access to the Internet and are not able to travel far, such as the elderly and disabled. She is now writing to RBS to urge support for the customers who rely on the branch and the staff who face losing their jobs.

The Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP said: “I am very unhappy at the closure of RBS in Bishopbriggs when I consider the needs of my elderly, disabled and vulnerable constituents who are unable or do not have the know-how or means to access online banking.

“I have written to RBS Bishopbriggs and urged they put in place provisions to help those who rely on face-to-face service in the branch adapt to the upcoming changes as a result of the closure. I have urged the bank supports its local staff who are losing jobs as they find new employment.

“I understand why RBS has had to make what is clearly a tough decision – the changing market place of banking has dramatically decreased the need for most people to visit the bank in person. It is inevitable banks will react to this change in habit.

“What I will say to those who may be effected by this, and to their friends and family, is to plan ahead and find out where the next closest branch is and how to get there. I would encourage people to make use of internet banking via their computer or smartphone if they have the means.”


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