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Local MSP Rona Mackay has voiced her grave concerns over the handling of a developer’s pre-consultation on an intended planning proposal at the Redhills site in Lennoxtown.

A number of Redhills residents stated notice had not been shared widely about the invitation for comment, with most people only hearing about it through word of mouth.

Additionally, objections were raised regarding the phrasing of the questions, which were alleged to be biased in favour of the developer.

Ms Mackay said,

“Whilst this planning proposal is unlikely to be considered by the Council’s planning board soon due to the ongoing pandemic, I strongly share concerns raised by residents over how this pre-consultation has been carried out.

It is unacceptable that news of this pre-consultation was not communicated effectively with residents. If only a handful of residents have knowledge of the consultation and can submit a response, the exercise is rendered redundant.

The process should have been honest, open and inclusive – not a tool to be manipulated in favour of the developer. Redhills residents must be respected and given the opportunity to voice their concerns.”


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