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Adults in Scotland are less likely to be a victim of crime than those in England and Wales – after a stunning 40% fall in crime over a decade.

The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey found that 12.5% adults in Scotland experienced a crime in 2017-18, with the equivalent figure in England and Wales 14.4%.

The new figures show a fall from 20.4% in 2008-09.

Police numbers in Scotland have risen by 5.8% since 2007 – in contrast to a 13.8% fall in England and Wales.

In September 2018, there were around 32 officers per 10,000 population in Scotland, compared to around 21 officers per 10,000 population in England and Wales.

Commenting, SNP MSP Rona Mackay said:

“One victim of crime is a victim too many – but it is welcome news that crime has fallen so significantly in Scotland.

“The fall in crime coincides with a rise in police numbers since the SNP came to power – in contrast to England and Wales, where police numbers have fallen by almost 20,000.

“It’s vital that we build on this progress with smart, evidence-based approaches to justice and rehabilitation.

“Even the UK government now admit that our approach to community sentencing works – which makes the knee-jerk opposition of the Scottish Tories all the more astonishing.”

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