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Public-owned green energy company will secure the LOWEST prices for Scots

MSP Rona Mackay has echoed comments made by First Minister on setting up a publicly-owned renewable energy company.

Nicola Sturgeon told the SNP party conference in Glasgow the company will sell the clean energy to as “close to cost price as possible”.

Further details will be announced by the Scottish Government in its Energy Strategy, but the company will be set up by the end of this parliament, 2021.

Ms Mackay said: “The announcement of a publicly-owned green energy company will be very well received by people not just in Strathkelvin and Bearsden, but across the whole of Scotland.

“While more details are to be announced, the energy would be generated in Scotland or bought wholesale, and would be renewable energy.

“It will not be a project designed to rake in profits from people heating their homes in the winter, but sold at as close to the cost price as possible.

“The new company will not have the concerns the corporate giants have, such as big bonuses and shareholders.

“It would give people – particularly those on low incomes – more choice and the option of a supplier whose only job is to secure the lowest price for consumers.”


From Rona Mackay MSP by Alan Ferguson (07342 061722)

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