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Revealed: New report shows MoD whitewashed number of major nuclear incidents

STRATHKELVIN and Bearsden’s MSP has condemned the MoD after a recent report suggested it is downplaying the number of nuclear incidents.

Findings by the Nuclear Information Service (NIS) listed 110 major incidents in the last 65 years, compared to the MoD’s 27.

MSPs Rona Mackay has insisted human error could lead to “untold misery” in the central belt of Scotland.

She slammed the British establishment for constant cover-ups and propaganda around the Trident programme.

The report includes eight explosions, 21 security-related incidents and 45 accidents relating to nuclear submarines, ships and aircraft.

The NIS dossier comes not long after it was revealed the UK government failed to disclose a serious malfunction in a Trident test launch just before Westminster voted on its renewal last year.

Ms Mackay has spoken out at every opportunity in the Scottish Parliament, calling for nuclear disarmament.

Rona Mackay, the MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden, said: “Lie after lie is exposed relating to the British State’s nuclear weapons programme – and now we have the MoD trying to sugar coat major incident numbers. Earlier in the month, the Jimmy Reid foundation destroyed claims by the pro-Trident politicians who claim thousands of jobs rely on Trident in Scotland. Turns out just 600 civil jobs do. However, this report by NIS just shows what we are up against, a propaganda machine hell bent on covering up the dangerous truth behind nuclear weapons of mass destruction.”


The NIS report is looked at here:

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