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Rona Mackay hosts verbatim play on ‘toxic masculinity’

MSP Rona Mackay has hosted the travelling verbatim play ‘Locker Room Chat’ in the Scottish Parliament.

The play depicts men talking about misogyny, gender, feminism and about their relationships with women.

Speaking often in a sexually aggressive manner, it aims to open “difficult conversations” about the way men speak about women.

The producers of the show link the manner of speaking to domestic abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment and even murder.

Despite the serious topic, the show by Traverse Theatre was designed to be both funny and provocative.

It featured four actresses repeating recordings of men speaking about women, recorded in interviews with the play’s researchers.

After the performance, a Q&A was held with psychologist Dr Nina Burrows and creator Gary McNair.

Ms Mackay said:

“The timing of this play is actually very fitting, given how allegations of sexual harassment and assault have dominated the media lately.

“The play was both humorous and provocative, with the audience laughing and gasping at some of the dialogue they heard.

“Sexually aggressive language has a clear link to domestic abuse, rape and even murder, as we heard in the verbatim play.

“It is my hope that opening the conversation about aggressive language, sexual harassment and assault that can lead to change.

“Artistic performances like Locker Room Talk open up a safe space for those difficult conversations to speak truth to power.”

For more information about the play visit

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