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Rona Mackay presents community council award to young achiever Beth Glennie

A STAND-OUT citizen has been congratulated by Rona Mackay MSP after being decorated for her efforts in the community.

Beth Glennie won the Milton of Campsie Village Child of the Year award, the Charles Kennedy Cup.

The cup is awarded every year by Milton of Campsie Community Council, in memory of late Councillor Charles Kennedy.

Beth, for her work on the Milton of Campsie Railway Station Restoration Project has been decorated by the community council. However, they also recognised her academic achievements: with two advanced highers, seven highers and eight national 5s.

The volunteer also played rugby for Lenzie Academy and while a prefect there helped in the library as well as in second year science classes. In Milton of Campsie, she was a drama helper at Rhona Oliver’s LAF drama group on Sunday nights; helped out at ministry work Go MAD over the summer and through the Crossover group with Milton of Campsie Church assisted in the summer holiday clubs, fairs and lunches.

Rona Mackay MSP and Stuart McDonald MP presented the cup to Beth on Saturday September 3 at the monthly session at the disused railway.

Ms Mackay said: “Beth is a stand-out young achiever and I couldn’t be more delighted to hand this award over to her with my colleague Stuart. The work Beth has been involved with is truly making a difference to the community environment here. I am so impressed with what I saw, how the local people are restoring their old train station to be a landmark once again. I must also commend the community council for running this award and help to focus the attention of the public on Beth and those working on this project.”

Alan Harris, chair of Milton of Campsie Community Council, said: “Beth Glennie was the outstanding candidate based on her contribution to the community and her own personal achievements. I am delighted that both Rona Mackay MSP and Stuart MacDonald MP were able to attend and see the project in person, and present Beth was the cup.”

The Charles Kennedy Cup is in memory of the late councillor Charles Kennedy, who died in 2012. He is described in the press as being “legendary” and a public servant who worked tirelessly for his constituents. The award is in its third session and looks to recognise people making a positive contribution to the community in the way Cllr Kennedy did.

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