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SNP welcomes changes to Nursery Admissions Policy

The East Dunbartonshire SNP Council Group today welcomed changes that will allow children to be admitted to nursery immediately after their 3rd birthday. The proposal, which will be included in Thursday’s budget report, will now mean that parents will not have to face a system which threw up numerous anomalies on starting dates.

It is understood that the changes, which were due to be implemented as the Council moved towards the full roll out of 1140 Hours of Early Years Childcare, has now been fast tracked to start in August 2019.

Commenting, SNP Education Spokesperson Cllr Denis Johnston stated:

“Having received significant feedback from parents on this issue, I very much welcome these changes. Under the previous admissions policy a child born on the 31st December could start nursery January, whilst a child born a day later would have to wait until April.

“Altering the policy to begin from a child’s 3rd Birthday removes these very frustrating anomalies from the process and brings East Dunbartonshire into line with other local authorities.

“The local SNP Group and our local MSP Rona Mackay have pushed this issue on behalf of parents. I am glad that the council have finally listened and brought these changes forward.”

SNP MSP Rona Mackay said:

“After a handful of meetings with East Dunbartonshire Council recently on behalf of constituents to push for a change that doesn’t delay children starting nursery, it now sounds as though they will now shift on their policy.

“This is a policy that myself and the SNP Group on the council feel passionate about. I will continue to put pressure on East Dunbartonshire council until this change has been fully implemented.”

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