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Following reports of mass gatherings at Campsie Glen occurring over the weekend, local MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden Rona Mackay said:

"It’s disappointing to see huge swathes of people gathering at Campsie Glen over the weekend in clear violation of the guidance set out by the Scottish Government. “Whilst the vast majority of my constituents have abided by the rules - stayed at home and protected lives – we cannot have one rule for some and not for others. “The guidance is abundantly clear: only meet outside with members of one other household (up to 8 people maximum), maintain social distancing and please avoid travelling further than 5 miles to visit our beauty spots, exactly like Campsie Glen. “I’ve written to both Police Scotland and First Bus to ensure all my constituents feel safe and secure. We remain in a very precarious state in our fight against COVID-19 and incidents like we have seen at Campsie Glen risk undoing all the real progress we have made against coronavirus”.

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