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Transport minister gives verdict on Kirkintilloch shared space at committee

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

KIRKINTILLOCH’S shared space scheme was the subject of discussion at a recent Scottish Parliament committee meeting.

The Public Petitions Committee heard from Transport Minister Humza Yousaf as the debate about the controversial changes rages on.

Visually impaired campaigner Sandy Taylor lodged a petition with the parliament and on Thursday, November 10 the minister gave evidence on what the government can and cannot do.

Rona Mackay MSP, a supporter of the campaign against the shared space, had to declare an interest.

After the meeting, she said: “The meeting of the Public Petitions Committee where Transport Minister Humza Yousaf gave evidence on the Kirkintilloch shared space scheme at Catherine Street junction was a very productive one.

“While the Scottish Government cannot directly intervene, the Transport Minister has agreed to discuss the issue of safety and equality with East Dunbartonshire Council, and hopefully they will see sense and reinstate the crossing lights.

“Sandy Taylor is quite right to ask for sanctions against East Dunbartonshire Council until this is resolved – the shared space is a serious risk for our disabled, elderly and vulnerable citizens.”

Watch the full evidence-giving session is available to watch and read in another report, here:

Find out more about the Kirkintilloch shared space debate.

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