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Austerity to wreak havoc for another decade, MSP Rona says

MSP Rona Mackay has criticised the Tory government’s perpetual austerity agenda — one that looks set to continue until at least 2027.

It has been reported Chancellor Philip Hammond is preparing a new package of cuts worth ten years to “eliminate the deficit”.

The Tories’ obsession with eliminating the deficit, Ms Mackay said, is an excuse to continue hacking down the public sector in the UK.

The Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP added: “The public has grown tired of perpetual austerity from the deluded Tory leadership — and many of the UK cabinet indeed even know it.

“When will this obsession the Tory government has with downsizing our public services end? The damage they have done is irreversible to the likes of the Royal Mail when they sold it off under price.

“To continue systematically tearing apart our public sector will only continue to hold back the economy and hammer millions by squeezing family budgets and living standards.

“There is little intent to ‘eliminate the deficit’, the Tories are simply looking to hand over public services to the profiteering private sector, as part of their ideological commitment to free market racketeering.”



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