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MSP Rona Mackay speaks of her relief at fracking ban backing

MSP Rona Mackay has spoken of her relief that there will be no fracking in the constituency or anywhere in Scotland.

The Scottish Parliament last week backed the SNP Government’s motion to ban fracking by 91 to 28, following an announcement from Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse.

The extraction of unconventional oil and gas from beneath the ground would have been a disaster, the MSP said.

Ms Mackay added: “I am overjoyed that MSPs have, by a landslide, rallied behind the SNP government’s fracking ban. The democratic will of Scotland is that fracking will not, under any circumstances, take place in our beautiful country.

“We know that Torrance and Bishopbriggs, at least, were targeted by energy giants, who sought to take in huge profits from the destruction of our environment.

“This would have seriously risked the contamination of our water supply, torn apart greenspace and caused great upheaval in the earth below us. And, that is just scratching the surface of the problems it causes.

“I’m sure the majority of people in Strathkelvin and Bearsden will be delighted that our ban on fracking has been backed by the Scottish Parliament.”


From Rona Mackay MSP by Alan Ferguson (07342 061722)


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