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The First Minister's Programme for Government has been welcomed by key stakeholders, from The Trussell Trust Scotland to Business Scotland, Rape Crisis and the Glasgow Disability Alliance.

Here are the reactions of just a selection of them below:

The Trussell Trust Scotland: “We're delighted to hear @HumzaYousaf urge the UK Govt to deliver an Essentials Guarantee. Our social security system should always provide enough money for people to afford #OurEssentials #PfG. By endorsing the introduction of an Essentials Guarantee, the Scottish Government has shown the ambition for ending the need for food banks that we want to see replicated in Westminster”

Living Rent: “After 7 years Scot gov has finally committed to rent controls! This is a huge step towards more affordable housing and shows the leadership that we need. The gov needs to listen to tenants and ensure rent controls bring rents down and force up quality. We will be watching.”

Rob Holland – Director, National Autistic Society Scotland: “Great to see today's Programme for Government includes the commitment (P27) to "Consult on a Learning Disability, Autism and Neurodiversity Bill by the end of 2023". This is such an important piece if we are to see real change!”

National Autistic Society Scotland: “We are pleased to see that the Learning Disability, Autism, and Neurodiversity Bill has been included in today’s Programme for Government. This is an opportunity to ensure that positive change is made for autistic people across Scotland.”

Ryan McShane, Care Experienced Campaigner: “Very pleased that @HumzaYousaf has announced a Cabinet Sub-Committee on all things ‘The Promise’. The review was clear that cross government policy work was needed to keep but crucially deliver the promise. Nicola Sturgeon committed to this as FM, I am happy Humza is too.”

Sheila Duffy, ASH Scotland: “We welcome today’s Programme for Government announcement by the First Minister, @HumzaYousaf, that a consultation on banning the sale of disposable e-cigarettes will be carried out by the Scottish Government.”

Glasgow Disability Alliance: “GDA members welcome the FM's announcement today to reopen the Independent Living Fund. The ILF plays a vital role in Scottish social care to support disabled people to live the lives they want to live. It must be fully re-opened & resourced to help tackle our social care crisis.”

Scottish Council for Development and Industry: “We support the focus on creating a wellbeing economy, on economic growth and the investment in childcare which is key to enabling more people to access meaningful work…Implementation of the new deal for business recommendations will contribute to regaining the trust of Scottish businesses and strengthen the partnerships needed to unlock sustainable and inclusive growth.”

Revenue Scotland: “Revenue Scotland welcomes the First Minister’s announcement and will work with the Scottish Government in the design and delivery of the Building Safety Levy by offering its operational experience in managing self-assessed devolved taxes. Revenue Scotland also welcomes the announcement that Scottish Aggregates Tax Bill will be introduced into Scottish Parliament later this year.”

Marek Zemanik - Public Policy Adviser, CIPD Scotland: “It is great to see a continued commitment to fair work in the Programme for Government as well as an increased focus on labour market participation. Plans to expand flexible childcare support are key if we are to make progress on both. @cipdscotland are also pleased to see a commitment to a Green Industrial Strategy where some of the biggest opportunities lie for Scotland.” Business for Scotland: Tackling poverty is the central theme of Humza Yousaf’s first Programme for Government. This can be seen in the generous offerings made to struggling families and the increased support for children. In continuing Nicola Sturgeon’s fight to reduce poverty and inequality, he has done well.

Rape Crisis Scotland:“We welcome Humza Yousaf’s recognition of the gendered impact of poverty in today’s Programme for Government…It’s essential that we tackle toxic masculinity at all levels of society, and it is very positive to hear a commitment to doing so in the Programme for Government. We hope community and faith leaders, police officers, medical professionals, sports leaders and other political leaders will join the First Minister in speaking out about the impact of toxic masculinity.”

National Union of Students: “This Programme for Government includes many positive steps forward for students…We again welcome the scrapping of peak time rail fares, especially as a fifth of students have missed class because of the cost of public transport… We are also delighted with the Government’s announcement that part-time and flexible students will receive increased parity in financial support when compared to full-time students…We strongly welcome the introduction of long-term rent controls and increased rights for renters, as this will benefit the thousands of students renting in the private rental sector.”

Scotch Whisky Association: “In #PfG, First Minister @HumzaYousaf made clear his commitment to work with the alcohol industry, continuing the welcome change of direction. Reducing alcohol misuse and promoting responsible consumption are shared priorities of industry and @scotgov”

Head of Oxfam Scotland: “Positive focus on childcare in #ScotPfG … it is a no brainer. Affordable, accessible, flexible + high-quality childcare is key to tackling #poverty + to drive #GenderEquality.” Director of WWF Scotland: “@ScotGovFM is right that acting too slowly on climate change is the more expensive choice – for workers, communities and consumers. That’s why this year’s Programme for Government is important.” Head of Policy and Campaigns, Pregnant Then Screwed: “We welcome the announcements from the First Minister on childcare provision. Providing funding to increase the hourly rate for staff in the private, third and independent sector goes some way to address the inequalities between pay levels between the public and third sector…Today's announcements are a positive start to addressing issues in our childcare sector in Scotland.” Scottish Care CEO Donald Macaskill: “@HumzaYousaf and @scotgov fulfil a promise to frontline #socialcare staff to pay them at least £12 an hour. Need to see detail but it’s a positive start.” FSB: “There’s obviously a bit to unpack in here – not least the new £15 million package of measures to back entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups…While the First Minister had already accepted the recommendations of the New Deal for Business Group, we’re pleased to hear him recommit to these this afternoon – not least to a specific Small Business Unit and a commitment to tackling the cumulative impact of regulations, including removing those which are no longer required.” JRF: “More politicians in the UK should make speeches like the FM. A powerful rallying cry for the good that state support can do to end poverty coupled in with in people to flourish if given help when they need it.” RSPB Scotland: “We welcome the direction of travel in the 2023-24 Programme for Government, which highlights the crucial role restoring nature can play in our lives.” Scottish Land & Estates: "It is vital that rural & business voices are heard in policy development, so the First Minister’s promise to take a “Team Scotland” approach to policy development is welcome.” Scottish Environment LINK: “Scottish Environment LINK welcomes the First Minister’s commitment to display leadership on the climate and nature crises in today's #ScotPfG, and will work productively with all parties as we face these enormous challenges.” The Scottish Rewilding Alliance: “The Scottish Government’s commitment to woodland creation and peatland restoration, its promise to protect 30% of Scotland’s land and sea for nature by 2030, and its financial support for nature restoration are all welcome.” Chris Birt, Joseph Rowntree Foundation: "More politicians in the UK should make speeches like the FM. A powerful rallying cry for the good that state support can do to end poverty coupled in faith in people to flourish if given help when they need it."


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