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East Dunbartonshire MSPs welcome Gavin’s Mill fair trade transformation

MSPs in East Dunbartonshire have welcomed the planned launch of a new fair trade shop just weeks after the oldest in Scotland closed in the area.

Gavin’s Mill in Milngavie is currently being transformed into a fair trade shop and café – making use of the disused landmark.

Gil Paterson, the MSP for Milngavie, has welcomed the new community venture in a parliamentary motion.

In a similar move, MSP Rona Mackay in Strathkelvin and Bearsden marked the end of an era for the Balmore Coach House, Scotland’s oldest fair trade shop, which closed in January.

The enterprise will be run by Gavin’s Mill Community Project, a consortium from East Dunbartonshire’s fair trade groups and is set to open on February 27 during Fairtrade Fortnight.

John Riches, former owner of Balmore Coach House, is now helping kick start Gavin’s Mill as a fair trade centre.

He said: “I would like to thank MSPs Gil Paterson and Rona Mackay for their kind words and giving us a shout in the Scottish Parliament. We need all of the promotion we can get for the fair trade cause, and especially for encouraging volunteers to get involved.”

Gil Paterson said: “We are certainly going through a miniature fair trade renaissance in Milngavie with the rejuvenation of Gavin’s Mill for the cause. I am looking forward to attending the launch event when the project is ready to go up and running.”

Rona Mackay said: “John and Nena Riches ran what is said to be Britain’s oldest fair trade shop for more than 37 years, and I thought it right they should be congratulated for their hard work. I am glad they can lend their expertise to help get the Gavin’s Mill project up and running.”

Gavin’s Mill Project is seeking volunteers, email to lend a hand.


View Gil Paterson MSP’s motion on Gavin’s Mill at:

View Rona Mackay MSP’s motion for Balmore Coach House at:

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