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Continued flooding in Lennoxtown was given parliamentary scrutiny this month as local MSP Rona Mackay called for further support for her constituents impacted by the repeated incidents.

In an exchange during Scottish Parliament topical questions, the Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP raised the issue of the severe flood damage impacting the town three times this year alone. Acting on behalf of constituent concerns, Rona pressed for further support from East Dunbartonshire Council, clarifying the £42 million fund given each year to local authorities for flood protection measures. During the exchange, Ms Mackay said: “Houses in Lennoxtown in my constituency have been hit by severe flooding three times already this year. It is clear that that problem will continue to recur, given the changing climate. Are local authorities being supported to offer long-term solutions to high flood risk areas that are identified to them?” In reply, Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment Mairi Gougeon said: “I can completely understand the member’s concerns about that and about other events that are increasing because of climate change. I am aware of the communities at risk of flooding, including what happened in Lennoxtown on 4 August.

“The Scottish Government provides substantial support, including £42 million each year to local authorities for flood protection measures. In addition, in our Programme for Government this year, we committed an additional £150 million over the next five years—that is over and above the £42 million—to support flood protection measures. We also provide around £200,000 annually to the Scottish Flood Forum, which provides support to communities that are affected by flooding.”

Ms Mackay added: “I’m glad to have represented in Parliament my constituents who have been impacted by these dreadful floods. On their behalf, I’ve secured the clarity needed on exactly how the Scottish Government funds local authorities – such as East Dunbartonshire Council – to implement robust, secure flood prevention measures. “Over the next five years, £150 million will be provided to support flood protection measures, in addition to the £42 million given annually to local authorities to prevent flood damage. “I’ll continue to work with East Dunbartonshire Council to assist my constituents in Lennoxtown who – too often now – find themselves clearing up the damage of increasing flood water brought on by climate change.”


Notes to Editors:

You can view the exchange here

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