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Rona Mackay calls on Westerton to Milngavie railway to be re-twinned

MSPs are making the case for simple transformations on the railway between Westerton and Milngavie that will vastly improve the service.

Gil Paterson and Rona Mackay have put forward their vision of re-twinning the track and adding the much-desired rail halt in Allander.

In the latest data published on June 24 for the last 12 month shows, of all 77 stations in the statistics, that Milngavie was listed as the worst performer.

The practice of skipping stations to make up for time is adding even more problems for rail users.

MSPs believe that a major cause for this disruption is the single track.

Mr Paterson has written to Network Rail, ScotRail and Transport Scotland looking for answers to the deplorable rail service to Milngavie, and putting forward the need for infrastructure change.

Mr Paterson, MSP for Clydebank and Milngavie, said: “The Westerton to Milngavie line needs transformed for the greater good of the public using the line on a daily basis, who are currently facing unacceptable delays.

“At the moment, there is a single line, but we’re calling for the line to be returned to a twinned track to allow trains to move up and down the line faster and with greater ease, and less delays.”

Ms Mackay, MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden, added: “Commuters and communities along the Westerton-Milngavie line are crying out for this change, and we will be representing these views as strongly as possible.

“When the line is re-twinned we can go ahead with the plan – which has been approved by East Dunbartonshire Council – to build a new rail halt at Allander with a park and ride.

“With such poor results on this line, we need action as soon as possible, and everyone knows what the answer is. It’s time to get the ball rolling, re-twin the track and make the changes the public is demanding.”

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