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Rona Mackay lodges Holyrood motion supporting LGBT+ rights marchers in Belfast

EQUALITY marchers in Belfast have been praised by MSP Rona Mackay in a motion to the Scottish Parliament.

The Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP has welcomed the demonstration scheduled for July 1 by the Love Equality Coalition.

Scotland has been recognised as the second most progressive country in Europe on LGBT rights, she said, and welcomed people from Northern Ireland to come to Scotland for same sex marriage.

Ms Mackay said: “Many people have been shocked at the dated views of the Democratic Unionist Party when it comes to social policy like equal marriage and abortion.

“Many people have not even realised that in Northern Ireland, LGBT people do not enjoy the same rights as they do in Scotland and the resto f the UK.

“So I have lodged this motion to commend the work of the Love Equality Coalition in fighting for equal rights for everyone, no matter their sexuality.

“I repeat what I said in the motion, that Scotland is open to the people of Northern Ireland who would like marry whoever they choose. Scotland is an inclusive and welcoming nation for all.”


Notes to reporter

Motion Number: S5M-06116

Lodged By: Rona Mackay

Date Lodged: 15/06/2017

Title: Support Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland

Motion Text:

That the Parliament welcomes the march for equality in Northern Ireland that is being organised by the Love Equality Coalition and is scheduled to be held in Belfast on 1 July 2017; recognises what it sees as the importance of such marches, particularly in light of the negotiations between the Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionist Party; understands that the rights group ILGA-Europe has ranked Scotland as the continent’s second most progressive country on LGBT rights; considers Scotland’s equal marriage law to be important; acknowledges the importance of achieving similar legislation in Northern Ireland, and agrees that people from Northern Ireland will always be made welcome to marry in Scotland, regardless of the legislation in their country.

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