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Rona pays tribute to closing-down Balmore Coach House — UK’s oldest fair trade shop

II have recognised the excellent work of John and Nena Riches, who run Balmore Coach House, in the Scottish Parliament. Balmore Coach House is regarded as Britain’s oldest fair trade shop.

Closure of the Balmore Coach House, the UK’s Oldest Fair-trade Shop

That the Parliament acknowledges that the Balmore Coach House in East Dunbartonshire, which it believes to be the oldest fair-trade shop in the UK, is to close after 37 years; recognises the work of John and Nena Riches on running the shop and raising more than £1 million for good causes over the years; understands that the couple were inspired to tackle the bridge between rich and poor people after a spell in South Africa in 1975, and notes that, although the business, which opened in May 1980, is closing, it is to be handed over to another fair-trade organisation in the area.

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