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Scotland’s only escape route from Tory Brexit must not be blocked

MSP Rona Mackay has spoken out after Theresa May turned down calls for an independence referendum in Scotland.

The SNP has said trust must be placed with the Scottish electorate to choose between independence or a hard Tory Brexit.

Ms Mackay said: “It is shocking that Theresa May is willing to block Scotland’s only escape route from her shambolic and divisive Brexit plans. Should she go down this road, it would be a democratic outage to the people of Scotland.

“No one in Scotland is saying we should have a referendum right away – in fact it is following a timetable where the European Commission and the UK insist we would know the terms of Britain leaving the EU. It is the logical time for the Scottish electorate to decide on its future.

“The SNP was elected to power in Scotland last year on the pledge it would seek an independence referendum should we be dragged out of the European Union against our will. We will not be stopped by an insecure Prime Minister, who clearly fears the people of Scotland deciding they would like to govern themselves.”


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