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SHARED SPACE LATEST: Kirkintilloch Herald publishes MSP letter

MSP Rona Mackay’s letter about the dangerous shared space scheme has appeared in the Kirkintilloch Herald on November 28 2017.

I read with wry cynicism your article entitled “TWO years and £650k to return lights says report” (Kirkintilloch Herald 8 November).

Everybody is aware of the huge public opposition to the “shared space” project at the Catherine Street junction in Kirkintilloch with SNP councillors in the last council opposing the whole project at all stages of its development.

The Labour/Tory administration of the time finally conceded that provisions be incorporated into the design which would facilitate easy, quick and economic reinstatement of the lights should that be considered necessary once the new junction was operational.

Essentially these infrastructure additions were built-in trunking to accommodate wiring for the reinstated lights.

We now have a report on reinstatement from Sweco which suggests it is likely to cost somewhere between £417,000 and £647,000 and will take 2 years to carry out the work.

This report obviously does not square with infrastructure works necessary to easily, quickly and economically reinstate the lights incorporated in the original design.

One of two things appear to have happened.

Either, the infrastructure works included in the original scheme were insufficient to reinstate the lights as agreed unanimously by Council.

Or, Sweco’s proposals are much more elaborate than is necessary to reinstate the lights as previously envisaged.

I would be interested to know which of these scenarios is the case, as would many of my constituents.

Rona Mackay MSP

Strathkelvin & Bearsden Constituency

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